Sunday, March 20, 2011

Review : Clinique High Lengths Mascara

I tried Clinique High Lengths Mascara expecting to be disappointed. Little did I know, this mascara delivers! It comes with a thin, green, comb wand that has three rows of rubber bristles and is curved to fit your eyelid. Now we've all seen gimmickey wands like this before which is why I doubted this time was any different. The first time I applied it I was amazed. I started at my roots and did the normal wiggle-wiggle-slip motion. My eyelashes easily fit between the bristle and were completely coated with my first stroke. The fibers in this mascara  build up very clean because of the comb-style wand and leave you with super long defined lashes. Clinique High Impact Mascara is my go to mascara for everyday use, I should have known better than to doubt them, but I definitely learned my lesson this time. Great mascara and really great price!(14.50) **** Four stars for this one! (Only because five stars is HG status and that takes a lot of commitment ;)

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