Monday, March 28, 2011

Tom Ford Private Blend Lip Color : Pink Dusk

Yes, it finally came! It's as if Nordstrom new how excited I was and wanted to prolong the process with extra slow shipping. But I won't make you wait anymore, here it is, pure lip luxury!
 Packaging reminded me of Burberry Lip Colors. Classy textured linen.
 Again ultra chic case.
Ta Da! Here it is - Absolutely divine! The perfect shade of Mauvey Pink...ergo the name Pink Dusk. It has a rich vanilla scent (very similar to MAC lipsticks). I won't be swatching it until after I use it, I think that's reasonable;)

 Okay, I know, picture overload...but if your going to spend ($45+tax) on a lipstick you should be well informed. I included the last picture because one of my pet peeves is when a lipstick doesn't slide down into the tube all the way and every time you put the cap on you have to be wary of not smashing it! This clearly does not have that problem <3  And yes, the cap clamping shut does sound like a Mercedes door closing...It's in, I may be having my best mate pick me up Blush Nude whilst she's in Boston this week.