Thursday, April 21, 2011

Chanel Glossimer: Pailettes

You all should know something about me, I hate lipgloss! I just can't do it, its sticky and drippy and messy and usually has big chunks of irritating sparkles, your absolutely unkissable when wearing it, it doesn't usually look awesome on its own, its not moisturizing, I just don't like it!!!...okay venting over...Anyways I've always wanted to be able to wear lipgloss, I think it looks lovely when you can pair up a lipgloss and a lipstick to complement each other. I had tried every brand in Ulta or drugstore you can think of, I never wanted to try high end lipgloss because I felt it would be such a massive waste, well wasn't I wrong. What changed my way of thinking....

Chanel of course! I picked up this Glossimer($28) on a whim when I was at the Chanel counter checking out the spring line. And here's what I have to say about it. YAY! Its fabulous! Now to say its not sticky at all would be is, after all, a lipgloss, but I would like to describe its texture as having more slip and glide, giving it a smoother not so sticky feel, the shimmer in it is very finely milled and undetectable whilst wearing. The shade is Pailettes 93, a gorgeous pink rose that complements other pinks or darker rosewood colors. I use the doe-foot applicator lightly to give my lips just a little lustre. I'm very pleased with this and am very open to trying other high end lipgloss's, I think I may try a Burberry one seeing as how I adore their Lip Colors. Hope this was helpful for any other lipgloss haters;)

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