Friday, April 8, 2011

Review : Benefit Hoola

Sorry for the impersonal picture, my camera wasn't picking the color up correctly and this shows it nicely

This is my go to bronzer. When I'm wicked pale and when I'm sporting a healthy summer glow this bronzer is awesome! It's very finely milled and almost "melts" into your skin...if that makes any sense, it feels like your working something satin into your skin. It's matte but doesn't make you look like you've been baking mud pies a.k.a dirty ;)  The effect it has on your skin is not a word...but I bet you get what I mean! I really love this and have only bumped into one person that doesn't like it and well...they thought acrylic nails are still in...POINT BEING this bronzer rocks, and it by golly ought to considering it costs ($30).
I agree with every other beauty guru...the cardboard box is lame! And that little brush is rubbish but what beauty compact applicator isn't?
Very warm soft color, it works great as a contour as well. The pan is 11grams and a little goes a long way. I just think that for $30 the packaging should be more impressive. I'm curious to try Soleil tan de Chanel, thoughts anyone?


  1. Great review! What kind of a brush do you use with it? And is it orangey at all?

    xo Lindsey

  2. It's not orange at all! I usually use a MAC 187 but if I'm going to use it for contour I use a Samantha Chapman buffing brush:)