Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Marquise D' by MAC

I realize that I'm turning into a total lipstick junkie, but I just can't help it! I think I owned maybe one lipstick entering my 20' just wasn't something I thought about. I think over the years lipstick has gotten the in, pushed in the back corner of your makeup container and replaced by...yes, lipgloss. But I have rediscovered or perhaps truly discovered for the first time the addicting glamorousness accompanied by using lipstick. And so I present to you my new infatuation....Marquise D' (Pronounced: Mar-key-Dee)
If lipstick were people, Marquise D' would be royalty. This Lustre is a sandy peachy pink shot through with a fine gold shimmer. ITS GORGEOUS! It's the perfect lipstick to slap on when your running out the door or to keep in your bag in case you need an emergency spruce up! It's that good! Its so easy to wear, it being a Lustre you can be generous in application without the cake effect. I was able to buy the very last one my MAC had!!! I can't believe I don't have a backup, this baby is going to go quick. I know its one of the more slightly popular shades to come back with LE collections, next time it does I will be purchasing at least 2, maybe 3, no 2 is enough...well, we will see;) Seriously, the color is so amazing, I can even put up with the heinous packaging...what were they thinking? So ladies, if your can get you hands on this, snatch it up!

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  1. Thank you for your comment, i am a lipstick addict too!:-) If you have to chose between GAT and chatterbox i would suggest chatterbox, because GAT is a bit darker and more dramatic and can be worn at night.