Sunday, April 3, 2011

Holy Grail : First Lot

So I was thinking that the three products that I have allowed Holy Grail status should get a shout out. Of course this is all my personal opinion on products and may not be shared by others, although these are fantastic and can not imagine someone disliking them.

Bio-Oil is nothing short of amazing. This small bottle goes for about ($12) I have had it for over two months and use it liberally, yet I barely see a decrease. You can use this all over your skin, in your hair, on your nails. I put it on my lips before bed and have noticed my lip color is lighter and pinker as well as being ultra smooth and ready for lipstick:) I use it on my face and it makes my skin look so healthy and glowey. I truly love this product and wish I had discovered it sooner!
I completely forgot Zoya made this phenomenal polish remover. Its a push down pump...which is so convenient, how many times have you accidentally spilled polish remover dumping the bottle up to get it on your cotton bud? Okay, well maybe that's just me being clumsy. Anyway, the pump rocks my world, not to mention the product is the best remover I've found. It's quit gentle on your nails and doesn't dry them out to a flakey crisp (...that's never cute). It removes even the toughest polish i.e dark polish, glitter polish, metallic polish without using loads of product. I paint my nails about three times a week, I've had this polish since the new year...I'm thinking at this rate, its going to last me about the entire year (applause :). Going for about ($8) its not the cheapest, but lets do the math, One Bottle +One year= $8 = WINNER!

Okay, now this I would guess would be my most controversial HG item simply because everyone looks for different things in a mascara. So what I like about this is what I've looked for in other mascara's and haven't found. 1) It's healthy formula is gentle on my lashes and has encouraged growth. 2) It washes off easily with just water at the end of the day, no tugging on my eye area causing irritation. 3) Its flexible and doesn't make my eyelashes feel like they have a plastic coating on them. 4) It builds beautifully 5) It gives me the perfect balance of volume and length. At a comfortable ($14) its pretty promising that you may love it too.


  1. I'm definitely going to check out that Zoya polish remover. Do you have to buy it online?

  2. I bought mine on, but perhaps Ulta may carry it since they carry Zoya polish.